Victory in the Summoner‘s War: Sky Arena with innovation and Brandformance

CTR of Interactive Space In-Feed Ads
CTR of Interactive Space In-Feed Ads with Multi-Creative Optimization

The Objective

Com2uS is a South Korean online and mobile game development and publishing company, known for their popular Summoners War, MLB 9 Innings, and Ace Fishing games.
In the competitive gaming landscape in China, Com2uS was looking for ways to break through the noise and build hype and interest around their new Summoners War: Sky Arena game, an action-packed fantasy role-play game that features 1,000+ types of monsters and undiscovered dungeons.
Their goal was to appeal to Chinese gamers and drive clicks to the game’s download page. The more clicks to the page, the more people could learn about the game, sparking a desire to download and play.
Douyin was the ideal channel to achieve their objectives. In order to achieve the goal, they decided to leverage the power of Nativex, a leading digital marketing agency as well as one of Douyin’s official marketing partners in China. With the help of Nativex, Com2uS began ideating innovative and eye-catching ads on Douyin to select the perfect solutions for ad display and distribution.

The Solution

Com2uS leaned on their Douyin partnership to learn which ad solutions would be best suited to their brand and goals. They leveraged a successful “Brandformance” strategy, which combined Branding + Performance campaigns to spread awareness and hype at the top of the funnel, while also boosting clicks and conversion. To achieve this, they used Branding ads with guaranteed impressions to explore wider audience groups. They paired this with a Performance campaign to drive conversions and short-term results.

Com2uS implemented this Brandformance strategy by creating captivating In-Feed Ads, but with a twist. They took their ads up a notch by leveraging Interactive Space to add a layer of innovation and uniqueness. Interactive Space utilizes gravity sensors that respond to what viewers are doing physically on their phones, creating a surprise pop-up that improves visual experience and engagement. This was perfect for grabbing attention and piquing curiosity around the new Summoners War: Sky Arena game.

In terms of distribution, they opted for Multi-Creative Optimization for intelligent and personalized display, providing their audiences with a customized experience that was tailored to each user. This enabled them to match certain assets with certain audiences, which made the ads resonate better. Optimal Click also helped them accelerate clicks and reach their goals.

By using Branding Ads (Interactive Space), they were able to strategically target the high-potential gaming community, and then group the users that engaged and clicked. This allowed them to create “lookalikes” and re-connect with their most engaged audiences in the Performance campaign that followed, making the most of retargeting to drive maximum results.

Ad Products

In-Feed Ads
In-Feed Ads – Interactive Space
In-Feed Ads
Auction In-Feed Ads

The Results

This campaign was live for 10 days in early May 2023. It was a great success, and the solutions leveraged proved to be a powerful combination that effectively captivated Com2uS’ audiences.
The “Brandformance” strategy was incredibly effective in helping them reach more people, while also not losing steam on leading the ones with higher intent down the conversion path.
Let’s take a look at the impressive numbers:
  • +129% CTR of Interactive Space In-Feed Ads, compared to benchmark
  • +201% CTR of Interactive Space In-Feed Ads with Multi-Creative Optimization, compared to benchmark

Douyin’s platform of 600 million DAU and its innovative solutions, and professional optimization efforts from Nativex all combined to empower Com2uS to reach more Chinese gamers and drive interest and clicks to their game. It’s safe to say that the campaign was a success, and that Com2uS effectively summoned Chinese gamers to their Summoners War: Sky Arena game!

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