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Blog, Douyin

Explore Spring 2024 trends in China's luxury industry with Douyin insights. Brands engage affluent consumers and boost their digital presence.

June 6, 2024
Blog, Douyin, Event

Samyang Foods boosted e-commerce sales and won an industry award after launching a dance challenge on Douyin, China's top video-sharing app.

May 30, 2024

Elevate your ad game with generative AI for Douyin. Effortless AI content generation for brands entering China. Let's revolutionize your ad campaigns!

April 3, 2024
Blog, Douyin

Ocean Insights and New Weekly go beyond Millennial and Gen Z classifications to provide a new understanding China's generational cohorts.

March 26, 2024
Blog, Douyin

Gain insights and the latest data on product trends, makeup preferences, and Douyin trending in China's fast-growing cosmetics industry.

March 26, 2024
Blog, Douyin

Gain in-depth insights and the latest data on product trends, consumers preferences, and Douyin content in China's daily chemicals industry.

March 26, 2024

Uncover deep insights into China's booming cross-border e-commerce market, the role of omni-channel e-commerce and the impact of interest-based e-commerce.

March 22, 2024
Blog, Douyin

From trending Douyin hashtags to PRADA's hot video about Chinese women's football, more latest trends shaping China's luxury goods industry.

March 12, 2024
Blog, Douyin

Take advantage of China marketing calendar to boost unique e-commerce marketing and social media campaign in 2024.

January 2, 2024
Blog, Douyin

In the era of social commerce and interest e-commerce, Douyin and Ocean Engine offer a unique marketing channel for brands to grow an audience in China.

December 13, 2023
Blog, Douyin

From trending Douyin hashtags to Double 11 luxury sales, explore the latest events shaping China's luxury goods industry on social media in Sep-Oct 2023.

December 7, 2023
Douyin, Event

Does China celebrate Black Friday? The answer is yes but with a focus on global brands and e-commerce cross-border platforms like Douyin EC Global.

December 6, 2023
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