Dear Doer

A flawless KOC Product Seeding Mission campaign for a beauty brand debut

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The Objective

Dear Doer is a South Korean personal care brand that develops nature-derived skincare products in trendy, sustainable packaging. “Dear Doer” represents a message of encouragement to all the go-getters out there who are constantly striving for more. Its brand slogan “Hug My Skin, Love Myself” promotes self-love and care.

In early 2023, they launched their now best-known product, the Hidden Body Body Scrub. They wanted to enter the Chinese market for the first time, by making a big splash around the promotion of their body scrub. Their objectives were to drive first-time awareness, and to get people to convert and buy the product within a short time frame.

They knew they couldn’t do it without tapping into Douyin, China’s leading content platform with over 600 million daily active users. They turned to Douyin to figure out the best way to harness the power of the community to get the word out about their body scrub.

The Solution

With the help of the Douyin partnership, Dear Doer crafted a perfect campaign plan. They leveraged Product Seeding Mission to reach out to KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers, which includes both top celebrities and creators), across multiple verticals. They offered the KOCs a free product in exchange of a video post that features their genuine review of the product. Regular users could also purchase and try out the product, at a discount.

Many KOCs agreed to the task, and got creative with their review videos that they posted on Douyin. As a result, Douyin was buzzing with real, influential people reviewing a product that they truly enjoyed, in multiple different contexts and scenarios, that spanned 15 industry verticals, including beautiful, lifestyle, fashion, and travel. These KOCs were able to draw in their audiences from different industries which led to diverse, organic ad traffic, and strong momentum for the campaign.

In the Personal Care & Hygiene space, celebrity or KOC endorsements are huge and go a long way. Not only did this spread awareness about the body scrub, it was highly effective in enabling Chinese viewers to understand more about its benefits & value propositions, as well as use cases.

These positive reviews that gave people a solid understanding of the product went viral, drawing in users and driving product sales in one go. Many of these customized collaboration videos automatically included shopping links, which made for a smoother and faster path from awareness to conversion. 

Ad Products

Branded Hashtag Challenge
Seeding Mission
Creator Collaboration
Creator Collaboration

The Results

The campaign was live from late April to early May, 2023. Through these KOC missions, Dear Doer successfully made an impactful brand debut and product launch, boosted its content exposure, and reduced costs, all at once.

They effectively encouraged the generation of diverse, high-quality product recommendation videos at a low cost, and built hype across multiple communities and verticals.

The results were impressive:
  • 33.18M+ Total Hashtag Views
  • 1017 Total Videos Published
  • 750K+ Total Interactions
  • 2.11 M+ Shopping Cart Exposure
  • CPM: 20.99
  • CPE: 0.46, well above average

The Product Seeding Mission that leveraged KOC reviews built a lot of excitement and credibility around the new body scrub, and overall brand. With Douyin, Dear Doer was able to drive both awareness and sales in the Chinese market. It’s safe to say that their Douyin campaign was a striking success that went as smoothly as their body scrub!

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