How Facetune drove in-app purchases with intelligent solutions

195% ↑
Growth in Daily Ad Views
Higher Position on App Ranking

The Objective

Facetune is a well-known photo editing tool that was developed by Lightricks. It’s packed with amazing features and is widely used and loved. This app has been present in the Chinese market for years, and they’ve been leveraging Ocean Engine and Douyin for marketing success for a long time – which means they know our solutions inside and out!

Their goal was to activate new prospects and drive more in-app purchases.

The Solution

Facetune’s familiarity with Douyin’s intelligent tools means they could effectively use them together to achieve their goals. In order to attract more in-app purchases from discovery to conversion, they leveraged the below solutions:

  • Auction Campaign delivered through In-Feed Ads + Search Ads made for a powerful combination that enabled users to discover Facetune and get interested in their app. Users could passively discover Facetune based on interest-based recommendations, or actively discover based on their searches.
  • Tapping into Douyin’s Programmatic Creative allowed them to optimize their ad creative to better match the preferences of their target audiences, and resonate on a deeper level.
  • Nobid + Ad Manager then amplified the creative and empowered them to scale their ad campaigns to new heights.

Ad Products

Auction Search Ads
Auction Search Ads
Auction In-Feed Ads
Auction In-Feed Ads

The Results

  • 195% growth in daily ad views
  • 1.21 Average CTR within one month
  • App ranking position moved up by 8 positions

This combination of intelligent solutions leveraged by Facetune led to outstanding results. As you can see, the explosive growth in daily ad views contributed to a high average CTR. As a result, Facetune’s app ranking climbed 8 positions, which is a huge and exciting accomplishment! If you’re an app-based developer or brand, get to know our wide range of intelligent solutions to maximize your reach and hit your objectives.

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