Douyin Product Card Promotion Leads to a 112.5% Surge in Sales for French Personal Care Brand

surge in paid orders driven by the Product Card Promotion (Jul-Aug 2023)
increase in total order value (Jul-Aug 2023)

The Objective

As an established global brand founded in France, Intima is making significant inroads into the Chinese market after launching its popular line of personal hygiene products on Douyin E-commerce.

While the brand had already enjoyed success on the platform through its hosting of regular livestreams, they also recognized it was important to expand and diversify their customer acquisition channels to help ensure sustainable long-term growth.

To build on their successful sales strategy and stable GMV & GPM* conversion achieved on Douyin LIVE Shopping (content-driven commerce), Intima made the strategic decision to explore new growth potential with the launch of a Product Card Promotion.

*GMV per Mille, or the average GMV generated from a thousand shopping cart exposure page views.

The Solution

In the second half of 2023, Intima became one of the first overseas brands to run a Product Card Promotion—a new ad placement format within Douyin’s Shopping Center.

ocean engine fact+s model
As a vital spoke in the Douyin E-commerce FACT+S growth wheel, Shopping Center offers brands like Intima a suite of marketing features to showcase products and complement the content side of their operations.

While the initial impact of product cards might be modest compared to livestreaming, the overall conversion path is much more nimble, giving Intima a powerful tool to convert users with strong purchase intent.

In their pursuit of improved Product Card Promotion performance, Intima embarked on a journey of experimentation and discovery. To explore platform traffic, they tested various ad features to promote a range of products, allowing them to identify high-traffic consumer products and assess the effectiveness of different ad products and features.

This meticulous process guided them in selecting suitable consumer products for their Product Card Promotion, which would later play a pivotal role in their success. In total, Intima selected 16 products as part of the promotion, with over 200 creative combinations available across these products, driving significantly higher ad performance than the industry average.

Within their final opted ad delivery strategy, Autopilot Mode played a crucial role. Powered by the Ocean Engine Shopping Ads platform, Autopilot Mode offers an automated and intelligent solution to manage individual creative optimization, and is designed to assist advertisers with limited resources or expertise.

initima 2

Ads Placement on Douyin


Ad Products

Product Card Promotion

The Results

With the introduction of a new marketing channel, Intima was able to achieve impressive sales growth. In the months of July and August (2023), the brand recorded a 70.8% surge in paid orders driven by the Product Card Promotion and a substantial 112.5% increase in total transaction value. This in turn elevated Intima’s selected products as popular items on the platform.

Lastly, adopting Autopilot Mode to deliver ads as part of their Product Card Promotion allowed Intima to increase ad conversion and gross profit. Compared to their previous bi-monthly campaign, which did not include the Product Card Promotion, Intima experienced an 8.3% increase in CVR and a substantial 25.5% rise in gross profit margin per mille (GPM generated from 1,000 shopping cart page views).

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