Douyin Dominance: KRYOLAN's Omni-Advertising Formula Boosts Sales by 717%

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The Objective

KRYOLAN, renowned for its professional makeup products, boasts a rich history dating back to its establishment in Germany in 1945. With its flagship product, the brand has earned its status as the preferred makeup styling choice for Hollywood superstars, models as well as international and domestic film and television personalities.

In the Chinese market, KRYOLAN focuses on delivering celebrity makeup products, ranging from concealers to loose powders and customized makeup, catering to the diverse preferences of its customer base.

As a recently launched Douyin store, KRYOLAN set a strategic objective to quickly stabilize ad investments. This included a goal of achieving high ROI and overall sales in order to gain quick and tangible results from their advertising investment.

The Solution

To achieve its sales and ROI objectives, KRYOLAN adopted an Omni-Advertising strategy to place Douyin Shopping Ads. This unique approach allows advertisers to explore high-quality traffic (high intent users) across the entire Douyin ecosystem, including For You Feed recommendations, Livestream recommendations, and other channels with the overall aim of enhancing Live Shopping performance.

In order to support Omni-Advertising, KRYOLAN first needed to increase their daily video assets from 10-35 to 70-100 per day. The emphasis here was on diversifying and expanding the creative content available for advertising in order to draw more potential users into their Live Shopping shows.

Next, in terms of ad creatives, the brand decided to employ a diverse set of techniques. Firstly, a comparison of similar products showcased the selling points of KRYOLAN products, emphasizing attributes like their substantial quantity in grams and generous portions through visual demonstrations.

Secondly, real people were used as models to apply makeup, accentuating the actual effects of natural color and high coverage. Lastly, a directional arrow in the last frame of the video ad served as a prompt to redirect traffic toward their livestream room.

In a strategic move, KRYOLAN also seized a major marketing event on the upcoming calendar to coincide with its next major promotion. This approach aimed to align the brand’s advertising efforts with China’s Mid-Autumn Festival and leverage traffic and trending topics during this period to boost product sales.

Leading up to the festival, KYROLAN’s primary objective was to establish a stable and consistent framework for deploying ads while keeping a close eye on ROI. To efficiently regulate traffic based on their ad budget and target ROI, KYROLAN leveraged the “One-click Boost” ad product, rather than relying on frequent manual adjustments.

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The Results

Leveraging Omni-Advertising on their Shopping Ads, KRYOLAN started testing this strategy in late August 2023. Using One-click Boost, they were able to achieve stable ad delivery and rapid growth in ROI and sales within the short two-week timeframe, as they had originally planned.

Specifically, KYROLAN was able to optimize its ROI by 8% while growing its overall number of fans by 21%. KYROLAN also made efforts to optimize the content for its Live Shopping Shows leading up to the main promotion period.

During the promotion period, KYROLAN was again able to scale up its reach and traffic using Omni-Advertising. The ability to reach and advertise to more new users during the promotion period enabled KYROLAN to increase overall traffic by a whopping 758%!

Ad efficiency also improved significantly using One-Click Boost, with orders increasing by 717% and new fans contributing to 70% of this growth. With stable ROI, GMV surged by 683%, allowing the brand to achieve its sales and ROI targets.

Reflecting on these results, KRYOLAN recommends other global advertisers to be patient during the early stages of this strategy, operate infrequently by guaranteeing continuous delivery for at least 3 days, set reasonable expectations for ROI (thinking long-term, ROI can be reduced by 5-10%), and to combine campaigns with major marketing events such as Mid-Autumn Festival and Black Friday.

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