How influencers accelerated vit.O.Best's expansion into China and boosted orders by 153%

YoY growth in GMV
increase in completed orders
increase in product exposure

The Objective

vit.O.Best is a renowned European sports nutrition brand that was founded in 1993 in Valencia, Spain. With 13,000 stores across 120 countries worldwide, the brand has established a global presence and a positive reputation, known for its research and manufacturing of high-quality dietary supplements.

They have key contracts in place with top European athletes, and have supported large-scale tournaments, such as the Arnold Classic and the “Liga de Fuerza.” In 2014, they even became the official fitness and nutrition brand of the Spanish Royal family.

With strong endorsements from well-known athletes and the Spanish Royal Family, vit.O.Best was ready to enter the Chinese market in 2020. They identified Douyin as a key partner and platform that would help them expand their business into China and unlock brand success in this new market.

Their objective was to enter the market quickly with a big bang, and gain enough traction to achieve sustainable sales growth in a short time frame.

The Solution

In December 2021, they joined Douyin EC (E-Commerce) Global, and doubled down on Douyin to maximize their chances of success. With plenty of great endorsements in hand, they leveraged a powerful influencer strategy to help them get ahead, and leaned heavily into the Douyin community.

Firstly, vit.O.Best analyzed their product positioning and target audience. They then worked closely with Douyin creators as the key touchpoint for effectively tapping into their audiences, engaging creators in other parallel categories, like general lifestyle, living abroad, and nutrition/fitness.

With these creators on board, they used marking solutions that reflected a matrix-style strategy that consisted of creator Livestreams & video content seeding to deeply resonate with user interests, while adding credibility and trust through influencer endorsements.

Livestream was their main sales channel, serving as an ideal venue for driving instant purchases and growth. They successfully matched dedicated operational teams with talented livestreamers to create high-quality shopping experiences for their consumers. Through Livestreams, Douyin users had a specific time and place for interacting with the brand in real-time, while instantly shopping for products that appealed to them.

They also adopted a strong product strategy that emphasized high quality, under the motto “BeTheBest.” Through testing, they were able to identify potential star products, or “blockbusters,” that they focused on promoting to boost explosive sales. These products were backed by robust research, international certificates, and positive word-of-mouth, helping them build brand trust and credibility. Their bestseller in China, for example, was their “NIGHT FATBURN” product.

As their content style and creator + Livestream strategy took shape, the brand invested more advertising dollars into boosting creator exposure, broadening the audience, and accelerating product seeding.

vit.O.Best Livestreaming

Ad Products

Branded Effect
Content Seeding
Creator Collaboration
Creator Collaboration
Live Stream
Live Stream

The Results

In just one month, in September 2023, vit.O.Best achieved remarkable results:

  • 40% YoY growth in GMV
  • 153.2% increase in completed orders
  • 76% increase in product exposure
  • Ranked consistently in Douyin Global Shopping’s list of top Nutritional Supplements

Plus, new customer orders accounted for 83.5% of all orders, showing an impressive 283.5% MoM increase. It’s safe to say that vit.O.Best has successfully made its mark on the Chinese market, attracting plenty of new customers and building up a strong brand image.These results were also worth the investment, as their top performing creator achieved an ROI of 12 in a single livestream.

Not only does this show that the Chinese market is full of potential, it also proves that having an effective influencer strategy and leveraging the matrix strategy across both video content and livestreams is a winning combination. With the right marketing solutions from Douyin, vit.O.Best has been able to unlock brand success and make a big impact in the Chinese market and in the overall supplements industry.

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