VITALBEATIE’s beautiful approach to Livestream sales

New Followers
Total GMV within 7 days
Live Shopping Ad ROI

The Objective

VITALBEATIE is a high-end beauty brand from South Korea that sits under the Amorepacific corporation. Their top-notch product quality and excellent brand image had already given the brand quick initial traction in China, with a group of loyal fans and followers. While they were enjoying this initial momentum, they saw potential to reach more users and to further expand their fan base in the Chinese market.

They set out to attract additional customers and more loyal fans by tapping into all the e-commerce and content possibilities on Douyin.

The Solution

In order to boost their brand presence and reach more users, VITALBEATIE first decided to open a Douyin Lite Shop to sell their products directly on the platform in a few clicks. To drive sales within the Lite Shop, they came up with a clever strategy centered around a Livestream event which took place on 06/01/2022, with accompanying Short Video posts that directed users to the event.

  • Short videos to increase followers and fan base: 3 weeks before the scheduled Livestream, they launched short video and graphic content to promote and rally excitement around it, and to increase their fan base.
  • Livestream to boost attendees and orders placed: They allocated a reasonable budget for the Livestream and centered their activities around this event. On the day of the Livestream, they released multiple sales-focused campaigns around it, to ensure high livestream ROI. Their goal was to get people to place orders during the Livestream, which was effective in maximizing the upper-level traffic of the conversion funnel.

In terms of budget, VITALBEATIE used a 5:4:1 budget allocation strategy, split by ad objective. 50% of their budget went to driving audiences to the livestream event, 40% went towards increasing fans and followers on their account, and 10% went towards placing an order during the livestream.

Creative method and style were also key factors behind VITALBEATIE’s success. They ensured that their content was tailored to their fans’ habits and interests, and used an engaging storytelling approach. In addition, they divided their content into multiple bite-sized episodes to better hold people’s attention. By aligning their content to what they knew their fans would find appealing, they were able to resonate with their audiences, reach new ones, and improve their CTR by 5%.

Ad Products

Video Shopping Ads
Video Shopping Ads
Creator Collaboration
Creator Collaboration
Live Shopping Ads
Live Shopping Ads

The Results

  • 5,000+ new followers / fans
  • 32%+ total GMV within 7 days of Livestream event
  • 2+ Total paid ROI
  • 12+ Livestream Live Shopping Ad ROI

This campaign was an all-around success. Not only did it spread brand awareness and get new users interested in the brand, it also incentivized orders during the Livestream event through the brand’s Douyin Lite Shop. This is a highly recommended approach for all e-commerce brands on Douyin, especially those in the beauty industry. Our beauty community is massive, and ready to discover new products and brands that speak to them authentically.

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