Product Card Promotion

What is a Product Card Promotion

Product Card Promotion is a special ad format designed to boost the visibility of selected products available on Douyin Mall. This type of ad placement streamlines the consumer journey from search to find, boosting conversion rates and business growth for Douyin Mall merchants.

What is a product card

A product card is a clickable card format representing a product available for purchase. It provides a concise and visually appealing way to showcase essential information about the product to potential buyers.

In terms of ad setup on Douyin shop, Product Card Promotion supports the one-click use of a product image from a Douyin shop for promotion, without the need to create short video materials or set up and operate a livestream room.

Product Card Promotion scenarios

When creating a product card promotion campaign, users can discover your card on multiple pages via two high-traffic scenarios.

The first scenario is “Guess You Like.” This scenario covers the homepage of Douyin Shopping Center, product detail pages, order list pages, order detail pages, and other pages featuring product cards, which all display “Guess You Like” recommendations.

The second scenario is search results, where promoted product cards can be prominently showcased on three different pages: the search results page, the product search results page, and the Shopping Center’s search results page.

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