Search Ads

What is Search Ads

Search ads appear within the search results when users conduct searches for specific keywords or phrases on a platform. Douyin search ads, for example, enable advertisers to promote their products or services to users actively searching for relevant content on Douyin, allowing for targeted and contextually relevant ad placements.

Search ads on Douyin also tap into the power of social engagement. The integration of top comments from videos in the search results allows end-users to see immediate social proof, which can impact decision-making and further boost the effectiveness of search ads.

Why search ads are important for advertisers

People have a natural urge to search for a brand or product while they’re watching a video about a given topic, or right after watching.

When they conduct a search, there is often a strong desire to purchase, but they still want to learn more via videos, livestreams, reviews, comparisons, and other informational content. Consequently, the more relevant content they discover in the search results, the more chance that their interest will lead to a conversion.

Search ads thus ensure that your brand is front and center when those with high intent search for your products.

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