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The 2024 Douyin Sports Trend Report: A Surge in Sports and Healthy Living

The 2024 Douyin Sports Trend Report: A Surge in Sports and Healthy Living

July 4, 2024
4 mins read

The “2024 Douyin Sports Trend Report” reveals a surge in the popularity of sports and healthy living among Douyin users. This growing trend presents significant opportunities for businesses looking to tap into the health and wellness market in China.

Macro Environment Analysis

The macro environment in China is highly conducive to the growth of sports and wellness trends:

  • Economic Factors: Rising disposable incomes and a booming sports industry, expected to exceed 3.3 trillion CNY.
  • Social Factors: Increased health awareness and rapid urbanization fostering organized sports and fitness activities.
  • Technological Factors: Proliferation of digital platforms like Douyin and advances in wearable technology enhancing personal health tracking.
  • Political Factors: Government support for fitness initiatives and the development of sports facilities.

Key Trends on Douyin

1. Sporty Commuter Style

  • Trend: Simplified, comfortable outfits for commuting and exercising.
  • Impact: Increased demand for versatile, minimalist clothing that supports an active lifestyle.
  • Statistics: Videos related to this style saw a 34% increase in views and a 51% rise in engagement.

2. Outdoor Activities

  • Popular Sports: Hiking, river tracing, sailing, and diving are gaining traction.
  • Search Increases:
    • Hiking: +453.4%
    • River Tracing: +340.4%
    • Sailing: +186.16%
    • Diving: +568.7%
  • Community Engagement: These activities promote social and environmental connections.

3. Running Communities

  • Segmentation: Covers casual lifestyle running to competitive marathon training.
  • Views: Running-related videos have exceeded 50 billion views in 2023.
  • Marathon Craze: Cities like Wuxi, Beijing, and Xiamen are leading the trend.

4. Women in Sports

  • Engagement: Significant rise in views and searches for women’s sports events.
  • Examples:
    • Women’s skateboarding: 3.7 billion views (+162%)
    • Women’s rock climbing: 70.39 million views (+99%)
  • Impact: Driving demand for products and services tailored to female athletes.

5. Home Fitness and Digital Workouts

  • Trend: Home fitness has become a staple for many users.
  • Platforms: Douyin hosts various workout videos, live-streamed classes, and fitness challenges.
  • Growth: Increase in fitness influencers and content creators.

6. Sports and Wellness Integration

  • Holistic Approach: Users value mental well-being, stress relief, and community building.
  • Content: Wellness-related content like yoga, meditation, and mental health tips is gaining traction.
  • Engagement: Reflects a shift towards a balanced, health-conscious lifestyle.

Content Prediction

1. Personalized Fitness Routines

  • Trend: Customizable workout plans and fitness challenges.
  • Content: More personalized fitness routines supported by influencers and apps.

2. Mental Health Integration

  • Trend: Focus on mental well-being as part of overall health.
  • Content: Videos on yoga, meditation, and stress relief techniques.

3. Eco-Friendly Fitness

  • Trend: Interest in sustainable and eco-friendly fitness practices.
  • Content: Videos promoting outdoor activities with an emphasis on environmental conservation.

4. Interactive Live Sessions

  • Trend: Real-time engagement through live-streamed workouts and classes.
  • Content: More live fitness sessions with real-time interaction.

5. Community-Based Challenges

  • Trend: Strengthening community ties through collective fitness goals.
  • Content: Campaigns and challenges encouraging community participation and competition.

Strategies for Leveraging Douyin Trends

Strategy 1: Enhanced Content Engagement

  • Approach: Create engaging, high-quality sports content.
  • Implementation:
    • Produce videos showcasing sporty commuter styles and outdoor activities.
    • Use relatable and inspiring storytelling.
    • Incorporate trending hashtags and challenges.

Strategy 2: Community Building

  • Approach: Foster online communities around popular sports.
  • Implementation:
    • Encourage user-generated content through interactive challenges.
    • Create dedicated groups and forums.
    • Host virtual events and meetups.

Strategy 3: Influencer Collaborations

  • Approach: Partner with influential fitness creators and athletes.
  • Implementation:
    • Identify and collaborate with top fitness influencers.
    • Develop co-branded content and product endorsements.
    • Leverage influencers’ credibility to promote healthy lifestyle products.

Full Conversion Strategy

  • Integrated Approach: Combine content engagement, community building, and influencer collaborations.
  • Steps:
    • Content Creation: Produce diverse and engaging sports content.
    • Community Interaction: Build and nurture active communities.
    • Influencer Partnerships: Use influencer endorsements to reach broader audiences.
    • Continuous Engagement: Maintain ongoing interaction through live-streams, Q&A sessions, and exclusive offers.


The 2024 Douyin Sports Trend Report highlights a significant shift towards health and wellness, driven by the platform’s engaging content and diverse community. By adopting strategic approaches to content creation, community building, influencer collaborations, and integrated marketing, businesses can effectively tap into the growing market for healthy lifestyles in China. The macro environment analysis and content predictions further underline the potential for growth and innovation in this dynamic landscape.

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