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AI Creative Unleashes Creativity: Create Video Ad Content with Generative AI

AI Creative Unleashes Creativity: Create Video Ad Content with Generative AI

April 3, 2024
5 mins read

What if content wasn’t a barrier to scaling your next ad campaign?

The rise of AI-generated content (AIGC) now allows advertisers to rapidly produce a vast array of compelling and unique creatives. You can even host livestream shows now with digital human presenters, unlocking infinite content production.

Excited by these new possibilities, we are excited to unveil our latest innovation, AI Creative (即创) – a premier video content generation platform. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge generative AI technology, AI Creative allows you to quickly generate video content that captures attention and drives engagement.

This new product supports every stage of content creation, from inspiring pre-production ideas to livestream script writing and the dynamic production of unique video creatives.

You’ll also find robust tools for video storage and sharing, better managing your content assets, streamlining your workflow, and enhancing efficiency. Plus, with the post-production analysis feature, you can delve into comprehensive creative analytics to optimize your content strategy.

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Helping global brands enter the Chinese market

We understand the many challenges faced by global brands and advertisers entering the Chinese market.

Global advertisers in sectors like gaming, education, real estate, and tourism, for example, often face barriers due to a lack of expertise in localization and Chinese copywriting. Douyin E-commerce merchants, meanwhile, often struggle with a limited supply of short video materials, low approval rates, and an overreliance on branded livestreams.

Navigating local content regulations can also be a daunting task for global advertisers and merchants, especially for those not accustomed to operating in China.

AI Creative addresses all these pain points, offering a comprehensive solution to generate scripts, videos, images, and livestream backgrounds with four core functions.

What’s more, AI Creative not only streamlines the creative process but also ensures local compliance as well. With pre-advertising content review services, you have control over your content, helping you to navigate ad approval issues confidently and effectively.

Introducing AI Creative‘s 4 core functions

Let’s delve into the functions that make AI Creative the ultimate solution for transforming and elevating your ad creatives.

1) AI Inspiration: Using rich historical data, AI Inspiration recommends content based on a range of factors including historical audience reach, selling products, material preferences, target audience, industry, brand identity, and marketing preferences. Let the algorithm spark fresh ideas and innovative concepts, guiding you toward unique and engaging content across various formats including short videos, images, and product cards.

2) Creative Production: Say goodbye to time-consuming scriptwriting, video shooting, and image creation. AI Creative’s seven creative production tools empower you to swiftly generate premium content for your ad campaigns, ensuring efficiency without compromising on quality.

3) Creative Asset Management: AI Creative seamlessly integrates with leading content libraries, enabling you to instantly sync your generated materials with each of your advertising accounts, including the Ocean Engine Ads and Ocean Engine Shopping Ads platforms.

4) Creative Analytics: Effortlessly generate in-depth performance analyses from multidimensional data including insights from video/image tags, user demographics, ad performance, and engagement. This allows you to intelligently pinpoint key elements that shape content performance.

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Unleash a new creative production line with 7 versatile tools

Success in advertising often hinges on the ability to produce a variety of high-quality assets. Using AI Creative’s AI-generation technology, advertisers can produce a vast array of premium-quality content across major content types including scripts, videos, livesteams, and images.

Let’s explore the seven tools designed to enhance your creative journey.

Intelligent Video Production: Advertisers often face high costs associated with producing their video assets, especially those featuring live actors or spokespersons and requiring specific filming locations. With the latest digital human technology, brands can now replace live actors with digital counterparts for product demonstrations, significantly reducing production expenses.

Simply upload your raw materials—scripts, video clips, or images—and AI Creative’s AI capabilities will take over the traditional manual editing and enhancement process, generating multiple finished materials ready for direct use.

By integrating performance insights, review processes, and platform standards, the tool also ensures that generated materials align with user interests and platform guidelines, thereby increasing the proportion of high-quality content and reducing content homogeneity.

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AI Script: Let AI-powered scripts unleash your storytelling potential and bring your ideas to life. Leveraging platform-popular materials and product information, AI Creative generates a diverse array of batch-produced scripts for spokesperson videos, live streams, and storyboard shots.

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Product Cards: Automatically extract product images to enhance your marketing packages while emphasizing key features and optimizing displays by replacing backgrounds. This streamlined process minimizes production costs while also boosting product sales and conversions.

Carousel In-Feed Ads: By extracting product images and details, AI Creative compiles materials into single or multiple product galleries and pairs them with compelling copywriting. This allows you to automatically highlight product selling points in image and text generation to boost clicks and conversions.

Live-Stream Room Deco: Effortlessly establish your personalized livestream in seconds, seamlessly aligning with your brand’s unique style and event ambiance, be it for an e-commerce sale or holiday promotion. This streamlined process accelerates livestream setup, boosts conversion rates, and optimizes cost savings by reducing manual resource requirements.

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Live-Stream Scripting: Rapidly generate AI scripts for livestream hosts by combining promotional activities, livestream room gameplay, and participation in marketing festivals.

Ads Diagnosis: Integrating ad model metrics and multi-modal content understanding capabilities, Ads Diagnosis allows you to implement more precise label attribution and issue diagnosis, ultimately optimizing the reliability of your traffic.

Embrace the future of ad creativity with AI Creative

Are you ready to unleash a new ad content production line using generative AI? Get started with AI Creative and unlock a new approach to creativity.

Don’t just keep up – lead the way with AI Creative.