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Douyin E-commerce Mastery: Ensure Long-Term Growth with a Product Venue Strategy

Douyin E-commerce Mastery: Ensure Long-Term Growth with a Product Venue Strategy

July 8, 2024
6 mins read

In the ever-evolving landscape of douyin e-commerce, staying ahead means understanding new trends and resolving old pain points.

This 3-part series takes you behind the scenes of China’s booming e-commerce landscape, unpacking the strategies that are redefining how brands connect with consumers – from brand livestreaming and product seeding to following a Douyin product venue strategy.

In this post, we focus on the role of the Douyin product venue. We’ll explore why prioritizing your presence on Douyin through a product venue approach is crucial for unlocking exponential growth as well as strategies to ensure success in the new age of interest-based commerce.

How branding embraces omni-channel strategies

Research conducted by Topdigital & Nint reveals that 68% of surveyed brands expect to boost marketing spending on content-based platforms, while only 21% plan to increase spending on traditional e-commerce platforms.

Douyin E-commerce Marketing 1

As e-commerce evolves, content-driven platforms are rapidly gaining ground, outpacing traditional e-commerce models. The prominent trend reshapes the e-commerce landscape, stimulating the rise of omni-channel strategies. Gone are the days when interest discovery and shopping operated in silos. Instead, we are witnessing increased integration of content and product shelf scenarios to create a unified consumer experience.

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As consumers engage with brands across multiple touchpoints, the need for collaborative strategies becomes paramount. Whether live commerce or perusing products online, the journey must feel cohesive, engaging, and conversion-driven.

One notable pain point is the phenomenon of “live broadcast gaps.” If brands only rely on livestream to sell products, these gaps often lead to a decline or halt in sales during offline periods after a livestream section. This creates a dilemma for e-commerce businesses, as it demands additional and significant resources to maintain engagement and sales momentum during such lulls.

The pressure to keep the momentum going while transitioning between live events and regular operations underscores the need for agile strategies and sufficient resource allocation. From content planning to staffing, businesses must navigate these gaps effectively in order to minimize revenue loss and maintain consumer interest.

Why a product venue is vital to a winning Douyin E-commerce marketing strategy

To sustain sales momentum, the concept of a “product venue” is emerging as a game-changer for brands participating in Douyin e-commerce marketing.

A product venue is a digital space where consumers can explore, engage with, and purchase products in a structured and interactive environment.

On Douyin E-commerce, consumers can discover products, learn about their features, and make purchases while also accessing multimedia content, social interaction, and personalized recommendations. This forms a virtual showroom or storefront where brands can showcase their products in a visually appealing and interactive way, creating a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey.

Below are two ways your brand can integrate a product venue into your Douyin e-commerce marketing strategy.

1) Cater to planned and repeat purchases

The product venue approach provides a dedicated space for products that cater to planned or repeated purchases, offering consumers a seamless shopping experience and encouraging repeat transactions. By catering to planned purchases, the product venue stabilizes daily sales and meets immediate consumption needs.

2) Complement livestream shows

Beyond facilitating planned and repeated purchases, the Douyin product venue complements your brand’s various content initiatives.

Integrating livestream shows, short videos, and digital shelves creates synergy, enhancing consumer engagement and conversion. Likewise, livestream shows offer real-time product demos and short videos help to drive engagement, while the product venue provides a stable online presence for continuous interaction and transactions.

With powerful features like product recommendations, brands can also optimize their presence within the product venue. Unlike the operational costs and downtime associated with live broadcasts, having a product venue offers a 24/7 online presence with streamlined operations, aiding brands in maintaining consistent interactions with their customers.

Key strategies for unleashing growth with your product venue

Whether your brand is new or established in China, it’s imperative to adopt strategies that maximize opportunities and drive growth. Below are three key strategies for leveraging the power of “content + product” synergy and the effect of Shoppable Video Ads and Product Card Promotion.

1) Pursue a dual approach of content + product

Embrace a dual strategy of content + product by leveraging a Product Card Promotion, Shoppable Video Ads, and Livestreaming Ads. This integrated approach harnesses untapped reserves of marketplace traffic, allowing you to seize traffic before your competitors.

2) Harness the value of search traffic

Capitalize on the pivotal role of search by seamlessly linking content and a product venue through “search after viewing” scenarios. This strategy enables you to capture high-intent users and guide them towards conversion. You can achieve this by deploying content seeding ads alongside search ads to enhance visibility and attract qualified leads.

3) Finetune your product operations

Optimize your operational strategies based on the nuances of different product categories, including new releases, steady sellers, and bestsellers.

For new releases: Utilize Shoppable Video Ads and New Acquisition Objective for product launches and initiate promotional campaigns to boost initial traction.

For steady sellers: Employ diverse distribution through Product Card Promotions (leveraging AI Creative for mass production) and leverage product promotion enhancers (Autopilot Mode + Product Payment ROI + Long-term Conversion).

For bestsellers: Implement comprehensive product promotions and choose Product Omni-Advertising mode to enhance ROI and Average Revenue per User (ARPU), utilizing Product Card Promotions, Shoppable Video Ads, and Livestream Ads. Additionally, use Search Ads to link Content and Product Venue to maximize synergy.

Embrace the future of e-commerce marketing

In a market as fast-paced and competitive as China, it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve by adapting to consumer preferences and embracing new strategies. By embracing a product venue strategy, overseas brands can build new and more intimate relationships with customers and unlock sales growth.

However, it’s essential to recognize that this strategy is just one piece of the puzzle. In addition to the Douyin product venue approach, two other innovative strategies are reshaping e-commerce marketing in China.

To delve deeper into these strategies and stay informed about the latest trends shaping Douyin e-commerce marketing, read the next two posts about brand livestreaming and product seeding.