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Trends Focus: Douyin Insights & Data on China’s Luxury Industry | Jul – Aug 2023

Trends Focus: Douyin Insights & Data on China’s Luxury Industry | Jul – Aug 2023

October 25, 2023
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This month we’re back with the “Luxury Industry Bi-Month Trends Focus”, a bi-monthly publication highlighting the latest luxury industry trends on Douyin, a popular video-sharing platform with over 600 million daily active users.

This publication is designed to serve as a key resource for industry professionals, presenting not just up-to-date platform data but also expert analysis distilling recent trends and case studies.

As part of our second edition, covering July and August 2023, we delve into the latest fashion shows, festivals, trending content, and hot hashtags. Additionally, we will reveal the two latest luxury brands taking advantage of Douyin’s popularity to launch new Boutique stores.

Fashion shows

With 18 celebrities gracing the runway, DIOR hosted its Autumn-Winter Ready-to-Wear Showcase in the city of Shenzhen. A live feed of the event broadcasted on Douyin helped to boost exposure and ignite sustained buzz, with real-time viewership peaking at over 100,000 users.

After the show, trending hashtags including #DIORRockedShenzhen and #DilrabaDIOR helped DIOR top the app as the number one luxury brand. DIOR also gained over 20,000 new followers from a combination of livestream, homepage, and video assets.

Douyin Luxury 1

Trending content

International men’s magazine, GQ, released its new #MaillardMakeover campaign, celebrating a new fashion style inspired by the browning reaction observed in steaks. Aimed at generating buzz through influencer collaborations, the campaign leveraged content creation, livestreaming, and inventory matching, before driving conversions to sellers as part of a closed loop.

Douyin Luxury 2

Recent festivals

GQ teamed up with Bazaar to generate content and drive sales of luxury products during the Qixi Festival, known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Douyin Luxury 3

Boutique launches

Iconic luxury brands Burberry and SHANGXIA both recently opened Boutique storefronts on Douyin, while VERSACE held its first Boutique livestream, leading to a 4-fold jump in its Douyin search ranking.

douyin luxury 4

Industry data overview

From short videos and livestreams to search activity and hashtags, below is a snapshot of the latest Douyin data capturing the rapid growth of China’s luxury industry.

douyin luxury 5

Short videos

With an astounding 26+ billion views and 23% year-over-year growth (July and August), consumers are continuing to enjoy immersive entertainment through short videos.


Transforming passive viewing into an interactive experience, livestream viewership continued to soar, with over 45 billion bi-monthly views and 35% YoY growth.


As a key barometer of desire, search activity experienced 55% YoY growth (based on the July to August period) with 350 million searches. The top searches were spread across various brands including Balenciaga, LONGINES, Miu Miu, Prada, Ralph Lauren, and Valentino, along with the two trending keywords of Tsinghua Fashion Show and Teaching Attire.


Serving as an important link between content and interested audiences, popular hashtags during this period included #Luxuries, #YSL, #YSL Qixi, and #limited edition.

douyin luxury 6 douyin luxury 7

Interpreting category trends

Expressed through hashtags, search keywords, and short videos indexing the zeitgeist of modern luxury, we present to you the latest category trends.

Epitomizing the essentials of self-expression, Apparel witnessed a surge with 49% year-over-year growth in views (Jul-Aug). Accessories (33%) and Handbags & suitcases (24%) also recorded strong levels of growth.

Conversely, the Footwear category saw a 1% dip in YoY views, continuing the recent shift in consumer focus.
douyin luxury 8

Luxury handbags & suitcases

douyin luxury 9 douyin luxury 10 douyin luxury 11

Luxury apparel

douyin luxury 12 douyin luxury 13 douyin luxury 14

Designer accessories

douyin luxury 15

douyin luxury 16 douyin luxury 17

Designer shoes

douyin luxury 18 douyin luxury 19 douyin luxury 20

Spotlight on brand ads

Looking for ad inspiration? Below is a selection of ad creatives curated from leading brands including VanCleef & Arpels, Cartier, CELINE, and LONGINES.

douyin luxury 21

Popular Ocean Creator Marketplace content

Accessing KOL management services from the Ocean Creator Marketplace, major luxury brands including Balenciaga, Vacheron Constantin, LONGINES, Coach, and Swarovski recently partnered with Chinese KOLs to create and distribute branded content.

douyin luxury 22

Stay tuned for the next bi-monthly report

Drawing on inside knowledge and the latest data from Ocean Insights, Ocean Engine, and Douyin E-commerce, each bi-monthly report is designed to inspire and inform business strategies, assisting brands to stay a step ahead. To view the next bimonthly report, please bookmark this page and check back again soon.

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