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Trends Focus: Recent Trends and Data from Douyin on China’s Luxury Industry | May – June

Trends Focus: Recent Trends and Data from Douyin on China’s Luxury Industry | May – June

August 25, 2023
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In an era where luxury is as much about the craftsmanship as it is about the narrative it crafts in the minds of consumers, it’s vital for brands to keep a close pulse on trends in the digital space.

In this post, we are excited to unveil “Luxury Industry Bi-Month Trends Focus”, a bi-monthly publication highlighting the latest luxury industry trends as seen on Douyin, a popular video-sharing platform with over 600 million daily active users.

This report is designed to serve as a key resource for industry professionals, offering not only recent platform data but also expert analysis synthesizing the latest trends and case studies.

For our first edition, covering May-June 2023, we delve into the spectacular growth of the luxury goods industry in the digital realm. From trending hashtags to a surge in livestream activity, we will explore the forces shaping industry trends on Douyin.

Fashion shows

During May and June, Douyin streamed eight luxury fashion shows and exhibitions. Brands also took advantage of Douyin’s “Follow” feature, converting views into followers before and after each live event.

Fashion shows

Trending content

Louis Vuitton collaborated with Jackson Wang to expand its digital reach. Using Douyin’s co-creation feature to release creatives under the official brand account and the celebrity’s account, users were guided to follow both accounts.

Douyin Trending content

Recent exhibitions

Embracing the immersive experience of augmented reality, Gucci initiated an AR Hashtag Challenge to promote their upcoming Gucci COSMOS Exhibition held in Shanghai.

Using Top View Ads and brand zone, Gucci Cosmos launched a full-funnel promotion to generate interest and drive traffic to its exhibition reservation page and official web store. Coupled with celebrity endorsements and a Brand TVC, the campaign boosted professional and user-generated content, creating a significant buzz.

Douyin Recent exhibitions

Jaeger-LeCoultre also teamed up with Douyin to drive online conversions and offline attendence. Using customized video content as a pop-up announcement, the brand utilized Douyin to build online exposure, while creators helped to disseminate content and drive online reservations for the offline exhibition.


Industry data overview

From short videos and livestreams to search activity and hastags, below is a snapshot of the latest industry trends in China’s luxury industry.

Douyin Industry data overview

Short videos

With an astounding 25 billion views and 29% year-on-year growth (May and June), it’s evident that consumers are finding immersive satisfaction in short videos.


Transforming passive viewing into an interactive experience, livestream participation continued to soar, with 44 billion bimonthly views and 45% YoY growth.


As a key barometer for desire, search activity experienced 90% YoY growth during May and June, with 310 million searches. Popular search keywords were spread across a range of brands including Miu Miu, Prada, Cartier, and Longines, along with fashion events including the Tokyo fashion show and Dunhuang Show.


Hashtags are an important link to match content with an interested audience. Dominating hastag exposure during this period were #CheneyChanDunhuangShow, #LouisVuittonCEOVisitsBeijingStoreWithChildren, and #PuyiWatchAuctionedFor6MillionUSD.

Douyin Hashtags

Douyin Hashtags 2

Interpreting category trends

Told through the hashtags, search keywords, and short videos that index the zeitgeist of modern luxury, this next section delves into the latest category trends.

Symbolizing the pinnacle of self-expression, Accessories witnessed a surge with 65% YoY growth in views (May-June), with Clothing (56%) and Handbags & Suitcases (46%) close on its heels. Conversely, the Shoes category saw a 28% dip in YoY views, highlighting a shift in consumer focus.

Douyin Interpreting category trends

Luxury handbags & suitcases

Luxury handbags & suitcases 1

Luxury handbags & suitcases 2

Luxury handbags & suitcases 3

Designer clothing

Designer clothing 1

Designer clothing 2

Designer clothing 3

Designer accessories

Designer accessories 1

Designer accessories 2

Designer accessories 3

Designer shoes

Designer shoes 1

Designer shoes 2

Designer shoes 3

Spotlight on brand ads

Looking for ad inspiration? Explore a curated selection of ad creatives from leading brands including Cartier, Celine, and Tiffany.

Douyin Spotlight on brand ads

Trending KOL content

From lifestyle vlogs to couples’ outfits and Summer recommendations, luxury brand and influencer collaborations remain a popular source of content.

Utilizing KOL management services from the Ocean Creator Marketplace, iconic brands including Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Pandora, Gucci, and Longines recently partnered with Chinese KOLs to craft and distribute their branded content.

Douyin Trending KOL content 1

Douyin Trending KOL content 2

Stay tuned for the next bimonthly report

Drawing on inside knowledge and the latest data from Ocean Insights, Ocean Engine, and Douyin E-commerce, each bimonthly report is designed to inspire and inform business strategies, assisting brands to stay a step ahead.

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Douyin luxury goods content: Videos on Douyin that contain luxury goods-related keywords in their titles as well as videos featuring luxury goods.

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