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Douyin Insights & Data on China’s Luxury Industry | Mar 2024

Douyin Insights & Data on China’s Luxury Industry | Mar 2024

June 6, 2024
7 mins read

Find out the latest trends shaping China’s luxury goods industry, from trending Douyin hashtags to live fashion shows and special new ad products to celebrate the Year of the Dragon!

Welcome to the fifth edition of “Luxury Industry Bi-Month Trends Focus”, a bi-monthly publication highlighting the latest luxury industry trends on Douyin, a popular video-sharing platform with over 600 million daily active users.

This publication is designed to serve as a key resource for industry professionals, presenting up-to-date platform data and expert analysis, distilling recent trends and case studies.

In our fifth edition, we reflect on the key moments of Q1 2024, encompassing major fashion shows, festivals, trending content, and new ad products, while presenting the latest user data from the first three months of the year.

Fashion shows

In early 2024, seven luxury brands streamed their presence at major fashion shows around the world live on China’s popular video app, Douyin.
douyin luxury spring 1

We also saw the Douyin Fashion Show x DIOR collaboration launch a new style of watching fashion shows on Douyin. With frontline reporting from the runway, exclusive celebrity interviews, Douyin trending content as well as livestream promotions and high-quality content from brand and media accounts, Douyin helped DIOR tap into the benefits of brand-, user, and professional-generated content. These combined activities fueled trending topics, resulting in 27,000+ new brand followers and 47+ million page views.

douyin luxury spring 2

Trending content

Gucci and Douyin’s Ancora Red collaboration gained search popularity with advertising sparking 3 waves of trending topics on Douyin, resulting in 800+ million online impressions, 60,000+ new account followers, and 600+ million #GucciAncora hashtag impressions.

douyin luxury spring 3

New content

The start of 2024 saw the rollout of 2 exciting content strategies!

1) New styles at brand runway shows

Aimed at high-end customers, MaxMara’s first brand livestream on Douyin set the benchmark for luxury product livestreaming rooms as part of a multi-camera runway show.

douyin luxury spring 4

We also witnessed HUGO’s new brand ambassador enter a livestream room with dual stages, creating a new, immersive multidimensional fashion show.

douyin luxury spring 5

2) Product & celebrity ads + Taking advantage of Douyin trends

Tommy Hilfiger drove brand searches and sales by launching the new Gentle Power collection and taking advantage of platform trends on Douyin including the mint mambo fashion trend.

douyin luxury spring 6

New ads products

1) More Than Just 1 Screen

The celebrate Chinese New Year, Douyin unveiled the “More Than Just 1 Screen” ad product, which showcases multiple product series while boosting the click-through and engagement rates of branding ads, effectively encouraging users to make more active brand searches.

douyin luxury spring 7

2) CNY “Like for Fireworks”

Jumping on the Year of the Dragon theme, the “Like for Fireworks” product also provides a new innovative marketing tactic for brands to foster a stronger emotional connection.

In this new branding ad, users can tap the Like button to set off fireworks to celebrate Chinese New Year with participating brands like Coach increasing their CTR by 200% and engagement rate by 50% using this ad product.

3) Official launch of Douyin E-commerce’s luxury product tag

douyin luxury spring 8

With growing awareness among luxury product consumers, the Douyin luxury goods tag was officially introduced in Q1, 2024. Consumers can now clearly see flagship stores featuring the Douyin luxury goods tag across various touchpoints on Douyin Mall.

From the consumer’s perspective, emphasizing the authenticity of official flagship stores allows for a worry-free selection of their desired luxury goods on Douyin’s e-commerce platform, ensuring an ultimate luxury shopping experience.


Calvin Klein’s dragon dance team campaign triggered constant searches and hashtag trends, heralding a prosperous start to the business year with 200 million hashtag views!

douyin luxury spring 9

douyin luxury spring 10

Coach’s new product launch and Hashtag Challenge also expanded reach to a wider audience, while celebrities discuss spring and summer outfits in content-based livestreams.

douyin luxury spring 11

douyin luxury spring 12

douyin luxury spring 13

Industry data overview

Douyin’s luxury content ecosystem is recently flourishing with rapid growth in short videos, livestreams, and searches. There is also a diverse range of hot hashtags and trending search terms, which we’ll review in this section.

First, let’s take an overall look at the performance of China’s luxury industry on Douyin for Q1 2024.

douyin luxury spring 14

Short videos

With an astounding 50 billion average monthly views and 49% year-on-year growth, luxury consumers continue their love of short videos!


Transforming passive viewing into an interactive experience, livestream views set an all-time high with 80 billion average monthly views, reflecting a massive 44% YoY increase.


As a key barometer for desire, search activity experienced 51% YoY growth with 570 million average monthly searches. Popular search keywords included Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, straight off the runway, OOTD ideas, luxury goods, bags, outfits, and short-sleeved T-shirts.


Hashtags serve as a vital connector, aligning content with an engaged audience. Top hashtags in early 2024 included #BalenciagaTapeBangle, #CartierLove, #ShanghaiIFC, #Moncler, #MiuMiu, #Valentino, #YSL, and #RalphLauren.

douyin luxury spring 15

douyin luxury spring 16

“Big 4” international fashion weeks

douyin luxury spring 17

Paris Fashion Week

douyin luxury spring 18

Milan Fashion Week

douyin luxury spring 19

New York Fashion Weekdouyin luxury spring 20

London Fashion Week

douyin luxury spring 21

Holidays & festivals

douyin luxury spring 22 douyin luxury spring 23

Trend watch: Douyin content views from Jan 2023–Mar 2024

douyin luxury spring 24

Trending luxury brands on Douyin

douyin luxury spring 25

Interpreting category trends

Told through the hashtags, search keywords, and short videos that index the zeitgeist of modern luxury, this next section delves into the latest trends shaping the four major luxury product categories.

In early 2024, all luxury product categories on Douyin E-commerce experienced stable growth. Apparel, again, emerged as a standout category with 139% YoY growth, while the three other categories all experienced double-digit growth.

douyin luxury spring 26

Luxury handbags & suitcases

douyin luxury spring 27

douyin luxury spring 28 douyin luxury spring 29 douyin luxury spring 30

Designer clothing

douyin luxury spring 31

douyin luxury spring 32

douyin luxury spring 33

douyin luxury spring 34

Designer accessories

douyin luxury spring 35

douyin luxury spring 36

douyin luxury spring 37

douyin luxury spring 38

Designer shoes

douyin luxury spring 39

douyin luxury spring 40

douyin luxury spring 41

douyin luxury spring 42

Spotlight on brand ads

Looking for ad inspiration? Take a look at this curated selection of ad creatives from leading brands including BOTTEGA VENETA, Cartier, LONGINES, YSL, and COACH.

douyin luxury spring 43
douyin luxury spring 44

Trending KOL content

From lifestyle vlogs to new product reviews, luxury brand and influencer collaborations remain a popular source of content in China.

Utilizing KOL management services from Xingtu, iconic brands including PRADA, LOUIS VUITTON, Gucci, Coach, Calvin Klein, Pandora, Tommy Hilfiger, and LONGINES recently partnered with Chinese KOLs to create and distribute branded content.

douyin luxury spring 45 douyin luxury spring 46

Stay tuned for the next bi-monthly report

Looking for more fresh insights? We have you covered.

Drawing on inside knowledge and the latest data from Ocean Insights, Ocean Engine, and Douyin E-commerce, each bi-monthly report is designed to inspire and inform business strategies, assisting brands to stay a step ahead. To view the next bimonthly report, please bookmark and visit this page again soon.

Download the whitepaper

Dive deeper into the world of luxury marketing by downloading the “Douyin Luxury Gravitational Center” whitepaper. This comprehensive report offers invaluable insights into the latest trends and consumer behaviors to help you stay at the forefront of China’s luxury industry.

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